Marriage Advocacy

Recently, society has become consumed by fulfilling selfish ambitions, over biblical principles. It is my goal to grow in Christ and allow him to lead my life to model his plan of eternal love through marriage.

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Home Education

We are a family that believes educations enhances our lives. Homeschool for children means that they are not only academically inclined, but spiritually, and emotionally as well. I believe it is my job as a parent to ensure they are well rounded and ready to take on life and all its responsibility. I teach them life applications so that they will excel in every facet of life. We work together, grow together, learn together.

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Together, my husband and I are shaping the lives of our children. We share in the belief that the family structure is essential to success in life. Join me as I continue to press towards fulfilling my purpose to the glory of God.

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Next Steps...

Looking to connect or learn more about who we are? Be sure to head over to our instagram account as I actively share on our stories. I look forward to engaging and answering any additional questions you might have.