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Momprenuer and CEO of The Augustine Family Education Hub. Hello, my name is and Marnesha Augustine, and I am a mompreneur, family life educator, and life coach. My goal is to provide insight to wives, mothers, and young women to live with intentionality and purpose. Life experience, education, and, most importantly, my faith in Christ propelled me into a state of resiliency to overcome childhood adversity and define the woman I am today. I have been married for over a decade to the love of my life, we have four beautiful children, and I am blessed to nurture their young minds through home education. I also graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s in family studies. From being young and married, maintaining a healthy marriage to transitioning to stay at home mom, student, homeschooling, and spearheading a business, I can coach you to reach your God-given potential by walking the journey alongside you.

Meet the Clan

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Stacy II


Stacy is our ROCK! His charisma, passion, hard work and determination is what drives our family. He is the epitome of an amazing husband, father, and lawyer.

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Stacy III


Stacy is MR. COMPASSION his big heart and charm light up the hearts of all those he meets. He is an aspiring NBA player and works hard training to loves everything about the game. His mission is to inspire change through his compassion, generosity and skill.

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Alixe is the HELPER she persistently shows her ability and desire to help where ever she can. The spunk and tenacity of this child is inspiring. She exemplifies confidence in all she does. She loves everything crafty and pours her heart into every piece she creates

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Charlie is the GIVER and our sweet babe, the joy she brings our family is amazing. She feels and loves deeply. She has a laugh that melts our hearts and warms our souls. She loves connecting with new people and inviting them to match her energy and warmth.

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Blake is CHARISMATIC, she’ll charm you into giving her exactly what she wants (which typically includes outdoor explorations. She is always searching for a wild adventure right outside our doorstep. She thrives in nature and loves getting her hands dirty.

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